What's the Esperanto conference?

Every year the national Esperanto associations on either side of the Channel hold an annual event where Esperanto speakers can catch up with each other, listen to interesting presentations and enjoy themselves with concerts. And everything is in Esperanto, the international language.

This year's event is the 100th such event in the UK, so the Esperanto Association of Britain and Espéranto-France have combined both of their events into one, a kunkongreso. They've chosen Dover because the first ever international gathering among Esperanto speakers happened in 1904, when Esperantists met in Dover and then travelled to Calais. We'll be following in their footsteps by offering a ferry trip to and guided tour of Calais. People wanting to stay on dry land won't be disappointed; there will be an excursion at the same time to Dover Castle and the White Cliffs.

Socialise in Esperanto

Nowhere's better for getting a mix of new and experienced speakers. And with this being a joint event between the UK and France, you're sure of a truly international environment to encourage you!

Improve your Esperanto

Our special guest is Bertilo Wennergren, an expert on Esperanto, a member of the Esperanto Academy and publisher of the most accessible Esperanto grammar book. Learn whilst being entertained from a man who was voted the Esperantist of the year!

Enjoy the sounds of Esperanto

One of Esperanto's best-known artists, Martin Wiese will be playing a full concert on the Saturday night!

The Ark, Noah's Ark Road

Dover, Kent CT17 0DD

April 12-16, 2019

From 18:00 on the Friday


Both local and to Calais!

Refreshments available on site

FREE as part of your attendance fee

The Kunkongreso will be with us in

Our contributors

The following guests will be entertaining and informing in Esperanto. We'll add more later!

Bertilo Wennergren

'Rockstar Grammarian'

Martin Wiese

Swedish one-man band

Ian Carter

Ceilidh caller extraordinaire

Ivor Hueting

Bringing back voices from the past

Tim Owen


Tyron Surmon

Esperanto and young people

Michael Leibman

The Spanish-American war of 1898

Michel Dechy

Documentary in Esperanto about travels in southern Africa


We're currently setting the programme. We've added some things which have already been confirmed, although some of the timings might later be adjusted. We have several proposals for talks and other activities put aside for adding later.",

Welcome one and all! The venue will open its doors at 6pm

The committee of Esperanto-France gathers for its pre-AGM meeting

Location Smaller room

Join in with Scottish or Irish folk music and singing, traditional dancing, and storytelling!

Location Main Hall

Socialise with other Esperanto speakers over some lovely food!

Location Main Hall

The venue closes promptly at 9pm. See you tomorrow!

The first full day of talks, presentations, concerts etc. This will be a long one! We'll keep you topped up with refreshments. You can choose to an optional lunch in the venue too.

The members of Espéranto-France meet for their AGM

The members of the Esperanto Association meet for their AGM

In the venue for people who pre-ordered it or elsewhere for adventurous spirits looking to head to a local venue

Fun for our younger participants and young-at-heart beginners with Elizabeth!

Location: Smaller room

The first presentation from our special guest speaker, a member of Esperanto rock bands and the Esperanto Academy, publisher of the Complete Handbook of Esperanto Grammar, and renowned teacher, Bertilo Wennergren!

Location: Smaller room

This year's is the 100th Brita Kongreso de Esperanto! Join us as we celebrate the jubilee with a presentation and ceremonial cake-cutting!

Location: Main Hall

Get refreshed with tea or coffee before the programme resumes

How about some fun? You'll be working with colleagues to answer some questions. Some will be obvious, some will require some teamwork ... and everything will be in Esperanto in this light-hearted quiz!

Location: Main Hall

The committee of Espéranto-France gathers for its post-AGM meeting

Location: Smaller room

Since this is the centenary of Esperanto congresses in the UK, Ivor will be taking a look back to the past using sound recordings of eminent people from Esperanto's history.

Location: Main Hall

The second presentation from our special guest speaker, a member of Esperanto rock bands and the Esperanto Academy, publisher of the Complete Handbook of Esperanto Grammar, and renowned teacher, Bertilo Wennergren! Bertilo is Swedish and his wife German. Which language do you think they use in their family, including with their daughter?

Location: Main Hall

Fun for our younger participants and young-at-heart beginners with Elizabeth!

Location: Smaller room

Plenty of time for you to head into town with your friends and find something to eat!

Martin Wiese has been a prominent name in the Esperanto music scene since 1986 when he co-founded Persone! He will play material from solo project Martin kaj la talpoj, as well as some old Persone hits with Bertilo Wennergren.

Location: Main Hall

That's it for today, folks! Tomorrow will be an excursion day. Make sure you don't leave anything in the venue; it will be used a church tomorrow.

Today's the day to combine Esperanto with some good, old-fashioned sightseeing. The main event will be a trip across the Channel to Calais, where we'll get a guided tour by a local Esperanto speaker. We also provide something more local for people who prefer to enjoy the surroundings.

We're off to France for a guided tour, following in the footsteps of the pioneers of 1904! The coach will be collecting us from the pick-up point (see the map on the reverse of your namebadge) at 07:15 and we'll be arriving in Calais at 10:00. We return to Dover at 18:00. Please note that we have to confirm numbers with the travel company by March 8 so you must book before then if you want to join in.

In the morning, we'll be taking a coach to Dover Castle for a tour, leaving at 10:00. After seeing the sights, we'll get some food and then travel to the White Cliffs.

Those of you stopping on will have a full day of activities. We'll keep you topped up with refreshments. You can choose to have an optional lunch in the venue too.

The third presentation from our special guest speaker, a member of the Esperanto Academy, Bertilo Wennergren. What is the Akademio? What does it do? Bertilo will educate and entertain.

Location: Main Hall

A session for people who are relatively new to Esperanto to help them get a litte bit of practice in alongside people of a similar level, led by our teacher Jack Warren.

Location: Smaller room

There's time for a quick cuppa between presentations!

A non-denominational, privately arranged church service open to all. It will be followed by a tour of the Norman church, which contains an impressive number of monuments and windows commentating the events of the Second World War.

St. Mary the Virgin, Cannon Street

Nekredeble bela raporto pri tri landoj en Suda Afriko per filmo kun muziko, komentoj kaj klarigoj tute en tre bona kaj klara Esperanto. Polurigis ĉi tiun altnivelan kaj profesian filmon dum pluraj jaroj Jean-François COUSINEAU.

Location: Main Hall

Ivor Hueting will present some short excerpts from sound recordings of some eminent Esperantists from the past. In a discussion group, you'll look at what was said and how it was said.

Location: Smaller room

A student of politics, Tyron Surmon will lead a discussion of the most pressing theme in the UK. He might also have a few unconventional opinions for you to challenge. Come and join in!

Location: Smaller room

In the venue for people who pre-ordered it or elsewhere for adventurous spirits looking to head to a local venue

Esperantistoj ĝenerale interesiĝas pri lingva imperiismo, rigardante ĉefe la superregantan rolon de Usono. Bedaŭrinde, foje okazas miskompreno pri la fenomeno, ekz. kiam oni atribuas pli da pezo al la lingva flanko de imperiismo ol validus aŭ kiam oni neglektas la diversecon de la sociaj aŭ ideologiaj fortoj kiuj antaŭen-puŝas aŭ bremsas la fenomenon. Per vivantaj ekzemploj la prelego ekzamenos la disŝirojn kiuj karakterizis la usonan publikan opinion kiam Usono lanĉiĝis unua-foje for de siaj ter-landaj limoj.

Location: Main Hall

A new site called uea.facila has been launched to provide new learners with short articles in easy Esperanto. Maurizio Giacometto is the editor of its section on books. Learn about the project!

Location: Smaller room

Havante la bonan ŝancon esti juna, Tyron Surmon diskutos la temon kiel junuloj povus pli kontribui al Esperanto kaj kia estu ilia rolo.

Location: Main Hall

One final cuppa before the last concert!

Our guests have travelled the seas to bring you an entertaining end to the Kunkongreso. Join us for a sing-song before the venue closes!

Main Hall

That's the official end of the Kunkongreso. There will be an optional group meal later and excursion tomorrow but the event itself has now closed.

An optional group meal after the end of the Kunkongreso at a local restaurant. You'll need to sign up and pay for this in advance, as well as placing your order. The cost is £24.95 per head.

The Kunkongreso is over but if you're still in Dover, here are some things you might like to do independently with others before heading home. Have a look to get some ideas! These aren't part of the programme, just suggestions. You'll pay on the day for train tickets etc.

Canterbury is a historic English cathedral city and UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is only a short train journey (£9.20 each way) from Dover, around 20 miles if you have a car.

Rye is a small town in East Sussex, England, two miles from the sea at the confluence of three rivers: the Rother, the Tillingham and the Brede. It's about an hour by train away from Dover, with tickets costing around £20 each way.

Leeds Castle has over 500 acres of beautiful parkland and formal gardens, daily activities, free flying falconry displays, spectacular events, special tours and year-round attractions. Tickets are £26. You'll need a car to get here. If you're heading out of Dover into London by car, then this could be perfect; it's directly off the M20, about 40 miles out from Dover.


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Access to the conference

  • Entrance to conference
  • Buffet on Friday
  • 2 * refreshments on Saturday
  • 2 * refreshments on Monday
  • Doesn't include meals
  • Doesn't include excursions
  • Doesn't include group meal
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Optional on site

  • Comprises sandwich, cake and fruit
  • Available on Saturday
  • Available on Monday
  • Convenient: you eat on site
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Excursion to Calais


No longer available

With guided tour in Esperanto

  • Includes coach and ferry
  • Follow in the footsteps of the pioneers from 1904!
  • Please note the following about refunds:
  • No refunds if you change your mind unless a replacement traveller is found after all spaces have been filled
  • Full refund if the excursion is cancelled with 30 days' or more notice
  • Partial refund if the excursion is cancelled with under 30 days' notice
  • Sorry but travel consequences of Brexit are unclear and out of our hands...
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Local excursion

£28.15 or less

See the local sites

We'll be travelling by coach to Dover Castle and then visiting the White Cliffs in the afternoon.

  • Discounts available!
  • Holders of English Heritage cards pay only £10.38
  • Discounts for over-65s, students and children
  • Back in Dover by 5.30pm if you have to leave early
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Group meal


No longer available

Relax over food with new friends

If you're stopping on after the conference closes, there's no need to be on your own. We'll be meeting in a local restaurant in the evening!

  • Three courses in local restaurant
  • Walking distance to railway station
  • Walking distance to railway station
  • Downloadable menu