Cancelled because of COVID-19

Regrettably, EAB has had to cancel the Brita Kongreso because of the coronavirus pandemic. We have contacted the people who signed up and have offered them refunds.


Big Shed Conferences, Leicester, 17-19 April 2020 (plus two optional excursion days afterwards)

The 101st Brita Kongreso, the main Esperanto meeting of the year, is coming to the Midlands in one of the country's most historic cities!

What's on offer

You'll be in friendly surroundings at a spacious conference centre with refreshments on hand. Our guest speaker, Stela Besenyei-Merger, is a native speaker of Esperanto and was born in its jubilee year.

  • Presentations, workshops and discussion groups
  • A chance to practise your Esperanto and meet other Esperanto speakers
  • A group meal at a local restaurant
  • Excursions to the Richard III Visitor Centre and Bosworth Battlefield
  • Excursions to the National Space Centre and Abbey Park

Big Shed Conferences

Leicester LE2 7SJ

April 17 - 19, 2020

From 6PM on the Friday

Free Refreshments

Hot and cold drinks at the venue


Optional trips after the conference closes

Our presenters

The following guests will be entertaining and informing in Esperanto. Click their names to get some details about their presentations. We'll add more later!

Rakoen Maertens

Esperanto at the UN and in UNESCO

Ed Robertson


Bill Walker

Translating Troll Bridge

John Greenwood

Joseph Rhodes: leading Esperanto pioneer

Tim Owen

A taste of Gujarati

Stephen Thompson

All the world's a stage

Maurizio Giacometto


Jack Warren


Rakoen Maertens

Fake News: a psychological vaccine against misinformation


The excursions we're offering, plus a few suggestions for those of you with spare time on your hands and a touch of Wanderlust. If you face limiting circumstances such as mobility problems, we recommend that you check the official webpages to ensure that these excursions are appropriate for you.


We offer more than just a standard ticket! Expand your experience with some of our optional extras!



Access to the conference

  • Entrance to conference
  • Buffet on Friday
  • Refreshments in the venue
  • On-site parking
  • Doesn't include meals
  • Doesn't include excursions
  • Doesn't include group meal
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Light lunch


Optional on site

  • Convenient: you eat on site
  • Available on the Saturday
  • Not available on the Sunday
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Group Meal


Relax over food with new friends

If you're stopping on after the conference closes, there's no need to be on your own. We'll be meeting in a local restaurant in the Sunday evening!

Details still being confirmed.

Monday Excursion


The Wars of the Roses!

We'll be off to the King Richard III Visitor Centre, where we'll get an interpreted talk 'The Princes in the Tower'. In the afternoon, we'll be taking a coach to Bosworth Battlefield, where the Wars of the Roses came to their bloody end.

  • Includes entrance to the King Richard Visitor Centre
  • Includes entrance to the Bosworth Battlefield Visitor Centre
  • Includes coach to Bosworth Battlefield
  • Concession prices available
  • Doesn't include lunch
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Tuesday Excursion


Outer space and terrestrial beauty!

On our second excursion day, we'll take a coach to the National Space Centre, and then travel to Abbey Park for a stroll among the gardens. The River Soar passes through it and there's a teahouse on site.

  • Includes entrance to the National Space Centre
  • Includes coach travel
  • Doesn't include lunch (to be bought in the Space Centre or at Abbey Park)
  • Got to leave early? The coach can drop you back into Leicester from the Space Centre.
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Overseas and young visitors


Access to the conference is free for people travelling from outside the UK. Under-25s who are resident in the UK could be eligible for financial support towards entrance, travel and accommodation.

If you're travelling from overseas, please sign up using the free ticket. If you're under-25 or the parent of a child you'd like to bring with you, and would like to speak to us about financial support, please contact us. Please note that recipients of grants must be resident in the UK.

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Finding the venue

Please note that the conference centre is a 20-30-minute walk away from railway station. If you require a taxi, they're easy to find at the railway station. The venue offers free parking if you're a driver.

We have a more detailed map which shows the venue, some hotels, and where the excursions are:

Common Questions

If you don't find an answer here, contact us.

The venue opens on Friday evening, April 17. We open the doors at 6pm and you’re free to register from that point. We spend all day on Saturday, April 18 in the venue. Sunday, April 19 is the last formal day. It starts with an AGM in another location, and resumes at 2pm in the conference centre. The event closes formally at 6pm. It will be followed by an optional group meal at a local restaurant. The Monday and Tuesday are excursion days, the costs of which you will need to pay on top of your main ticket.

There will be a range of presentations, with our special guest, Stela Besenyei-Merger, giving a couple of talks and leading a workshop. Elizabeth Stanley will make sure that you younger participants have fun, and new learners are welcome to join them. The talks will generally last between 45 minutes and an hour, although workshops may take longer. There will be classes of interest to people who are progressing learners (though not for people who don't yet know any Esperanto), an opportunity to buy books, a fun interactive quiz, and more ... all in Esperanto!

The conference ticket is £50, which includes free refreshments and a buffet on the Friday. That's the price whether you stay for the whole event or just sample part of it. We don't offer a day rate.

The ticket price is free for people travelling from overseas, although they will still need to pay the costs of optional extras, such as lunch on the Saturday, the group meal, and the excursions. There is no discount for young people but participants under the age of 25 and who live in the UK are eligible to receive financial support towards their ticket, travel and accommodation. Please contact us prior to booking if you're interested.

What extra is there?

It's possible to buy a light lunch for £5.40 from the venue on the Saturday, so that you don't have to leave the venue if you don't want to. (There's a site with a pub and Nando's about a five-minute walk from the venue.) We offer a group meal at a local restaurant on the Sunday evening, and excursions on the Monday and Tuesday. These all have to be purchased separately and aren't included with the ticket price.

The Big Shed conference centre is a 20-30-minute walk from the main railway station. If you have mobility problems, it's easy to get a taxi from the railway station. Most taxi drivers will know 'Big Shed Conferences' if you ask for it but if they don't, you can tell them 'It's off Putney Road' or give them the postcode, LE2 7SJ.

Some of the sessions will be too hard for beginners to follow but we do offer easier sessions for them too. Some of the regular sessions, such as the quiz, will be fine for beginners. We haven't forgotten that we used to be beginners too and will make you feel welcome. If you don't actually know any Esperanto yet, however, we're afraid the event might not be very rewarding for you.

If you have limiting circumstances, such as restricted mobility, we invite you to consult the relevant webpages for the excursions and confirm whether those trips are suitable for you: Richard III Visitor Centre | Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre | National Space Centre | Abbey Park

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Do you have a question? Feel free to get in touch in Esperanto or English