Misinformation in press releases

We've become aware that press releases were sent out from the addresses esperanto.association@gmail.com and esperanto.news@gmail.com on March 21st stating that the conference will be taking place over the Easter weekend. These messages were sent by somebody who is in no way affiliated with the Esperanto Association of Britain, and who has been asked sternly on several occasions to desist from giving the impression that he is, especially by using our name in his email address. Please be aware that the conference has already taken place and had done prior to the distribution of these unassociated press releases.

The trustees of the Esperanto Association of Britain, 2016-03-22

Likewise, the terrible interview on Radio Scotland's Good Morning, Scotland on Saturday, March 26th with this individual "from the Esperanto Association" about the forthcoming conference (which has already taken place!) is nothing whatsoever to do with us.

The trustees of the Esperanto Association of Britain, 2016-03-26


Welcometo the British Esperanto Conference



Welcome to the website of the British Esperanto Conference, which will emanate from Liverpool from the 18th to the 20th of March, 2016. Registration will be possible from 16:00 on the Friday, and the conference itself will start at 18:00. It will close at 16:00 on the Sunday.

The conference will feature a variety of talks and presentations, and is located a mere three-minute walk away from Lime Street train station. The guest speaker is journalist and award-winning author Kalle Kniivilä, who will be travelling from his home in Sweden to join us.

The venue

The conference takes place from the Gateway Centre, 71 London Road, Liverpool, Merseyside L3 8HY.

Map of the surroundings | Some hotels near the venue

The conference follows the Masterclass in Esperanto, which is held over three days at the University of Liverpool's Foresight Centre. The Masterclass runs from Wednesday, March 16th to 18th, 2016.

Text about Kalle.

Guest speaker: Kalle Kniivilä

Kalle works as a journalist for the main newspaper in Malmö, Sydsvenska Dagbladet, and recently became a prize-winning author. He published his first book, Putin's People, in 2014, which won the Kanava prize for non-fiction book of the year. It was followed in 2015 by Crimea is ours.

Kalle will present two talks at the conference, both of which relate to his books:
- Homoj de Putin: about the nature of the Russian regime, the reasons for its popular support, and the changes which took place associated with the annexation of Crimea
- Nepoj de Sovetio: about the history, current situation, and political attitudes and outlook of the Russian-speaking minorities in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Follow Kalle on his Twitter account @kallekn. We will have copies of his books for sale at the conference.

Contributors Some of the people who will be presenting


Hilary Chapman

Edith Alleyne Sinnott

The first female Esperanto novelist


Rolf Fantom

Comedy Quiz

Jack Warren

Music Session

Bring your own instruments!


John Wells


The local dialect


Guilherme Fians


His homeland

Charity Quiz

Last year we decided to mix a fun ice-breaker with some charity work. We'll be doing it again this year.

On the opening night attendees will be split into small teams and have a friendly competition to see who can score the most points in our quiz.

The winning team's points get converted into a donation to the Universala Esperanto-Asocio's special fund for paying membership costs for people in poorer countries. This is the Fonduso Canuto, named after Giorgio Canuto, a former president of UEA. Last year we raised 280€ for it and had fun doing so.

Join UEA | Information on UEA's World Congress 2016

Help bring the Beatles to the British Esperanto Conference!

What would an event in Liverpool be without the Beatles? Poorer! So we're going to try bringing them to the conference ... but we can only do it with your help!

If we get enough interest, we'll hold a light-hearted singing competition. It's all a bit of fun, so don't worry about needing to be a top-level singer. But it will only be part of the programme if we have enough people willing to join in. And we need to know in advance.

Even if you're not sure about singing, maybe you'd like to translate a Beatles song into Esperanto. We need translations too!

So please consider helping us to bring the Beatles and a bit of fun to the event, and get in touch if you're interested.

Group Meal

As has become tradition in recent years, people staying in Liverpool after the conference has closed will have the opportunity to eat together at Zizzi's restaurant on the Sunday evening. We've reserved the tables for 7pm.

Since this isn't part of the conference itself, it's not included in the conference ticket. The cost is £21.95 for the meal, which you should indicate on the page when signing up.

Zizzi's site | Map | Menu

Under 25?Then you could participate free!

If you're under 25 and resident in the United Kingdom, then you're eligible to apply for funding from the Norwich Jubilee Esperanto Foundation to get your costs covered (including travel and accommodation) to attend the conference, as well as the Buchanan Masterclass. Contact us prior to booking if you're interested.