Somerville College and St Anne's College, Oxford University, Oxford, 3–5 May 2024

The 104th Brita Kongreso, the main Esperanto gathering of the year in the UK, is coming, in memory of Marjorie Boulton, to the city in which she studied!

What's on offer

You'll be in friendly surroundings in a spacious lecture theatre with refreshments on hand, guest speakers invited from overseas, and a host of other presenters.

  • Presentations, educational classes and discussion groups at Somerville College.
  • A chance to practise your Esperanto and meet other Esperanto speakers.
  • Freedom to come and go as you please, seeing Oxford whilst you're here.
  • A chance to get your hands on Esperanto books, including our latest releases.
  • The option to stop on and participate in a memorial ceremony to Marjorie Boulton on the Tuesday after the conference.

Countdown to the Brita Kongreso

Somerville College
/ St Anne's College

Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6HD
/ OX2 6HS

May 3–5, 2024

From 3PM on the Friday at Somerville College

Lots to do

Four separate rooms across both venues

Near the train station

Easy to get to with public transport


Enjoy a splendid meal in Somerville College's dining hall on the opening night. There's an option to purchase wine for those who fancy treating themselves. We'll spend some time in an anteroom beforehand where there will be juice and Prosecco available. A perfect way to spend time with new friends in a convivial environment.

The Menu

£48.50. Glasses of wine (125 ml) for pre-order at £4.20.

  • Starters: TBC: see example menu below.
  • Mains: TBC: see example menu below.
  • Desserts: TBC: see example menu below.
Example Menu (winter 2022)

After the conference

Marjorie Boulton was born on 7 May 1924, and so on the Tuesday we will be holding a small ceremony at Somerville College on what would have been her 100th birthday. You are very welcome to join us.

Monday 6 May is a bank holiday in the UK so why not stop on and enjoy Oxford? The ancestral home of Sir Winston Churchill, Blenheim Palace, is well worth a visit, as is the town where you'll find it, Woodstock. The bus journey lasts about 35 minutes.

And let's not forget that a day in Oxford itself is one worth passing: a local Esperantist will be walking the streets of Oxford on the Monday and would be delighted to have some company if you wanted to join him. This will be an informal, non-organised walk through the streets of the city to take in some of the most beautiful views, buildings, meadows and the odd museum or two!

(Besides the Memorial Ceremony for Marjorie Boulton, EAB isn't organising activities after the end of the conference. We're just providing you here with some ideas of what you could do on Monday if you were staying.)




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Access to the conference

  • Entrance to conference.
  • Refreshments in the venue.
  • Doesn't include the banquet on the Friday.
  • Doesn't include meals during the conference.
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Fine fare at the end of the first day

  • A starter, main course, and dessert.
  • In Somerville College's Dining Hall.
  • Spend time with friends old and new.
Light lunch (Saturday)


  • Stay in the main venue.
  • Request vegetarian.
  • Request vegan.
Light lunch (Sunday)


  • Stay in the main venue.
  • Request vegetarian.
  • Request vegan.


Somerville College and St Anne's College, both on Woodstock Road, are centrally located in Oxford, and within walking distance of the railway station and Oxford Bus Station.

There are plenty of options for food and sleeping in the vicinity but Oxford is a very expensive town in which to overnight. For this reason we recommend a hotel three miles away, the Travelodge Oxford Peartree because the prices are very reasonable and it is located next to the Peartree Park and Ride service, which travels regularly to Oxford. The nearest stop is Radcliffe Observatory Quarter (the third on the route, after around ten minutes), which drops off a two-minute walk from Somerville College.

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